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AssetCAT is a powerful inventory database program that will assist you in keeping track of your household items, valuables and collectibles. AssetCAT allows you to catalog a wide range of information, and create customized reports with details on each item including photos for your own records, or to share with your insurance agent so that you will be prepared if a disaster strikes.
A comprehensive set a data fields enables you to keep track of a wide range of information, including item name, category, location and room, manufacturer and model, purchase date, price paid and estimated value, warranty and insurance information, repairs, up to 9 photos per item, your own notes, in addition to 25 custom data fields you can use to store whatever information you require. Other features include customized entry forms, flexible searching, a powerful report module, many pre-defined report formats, a sample data base to get you started, pop-up menus for quick feature access and navigation, and comprehensive context-sensitive on-line documentation available at the touch of a button.

Main Features:

- Store information about an (almost) unlimited number of asset items.
- Supports using multiple databases, lets you transfer data between databases.
Adapt the program to your own needs: Change the data field names to suit your personal preferences. Hide data fields you don’t need. Specify your own categories and locations.
- Use the Form Designer to redesign the field layout in all data entry windows.
- Comprehensive set of data fields enabling you to catalog a wide range of information: item name and a longer description, category, location and room, manufacturer, model and production year, serial number and barcode, color, size and weight, condition, insurance data, purchase date, store and invoice no, price paid and estimated value, warranty and insurance information, repair details, photos, user defined tags (keywords) and your own notes.
25 custom data fields (in case we have missed something).
- Store up to 9 images per item. Scan images directly into the program
- Add personal notes.
- Associate file attachments, or store documents in the database (for example the receipt or invoice).
Link to your BookCAT, CATraxx, CATVids, SoftCAT or StampCAT database and let AssetCAT automatically fetch total price and value.
- Use AssetCAT Explorer to look up and view information.
- Powerful search tools - Find information quickly: Search in all fields with any combination of key words and operators (and, or, etc.). Save your most frequently used searches. Use filters to display only selected data (for example, items acquired this year).
- Use the search and replace function to search for a specific word or number and replace it with another.
Sort data by any field with up to five sort levels.
- Create your own reports with exactly the layout you want, or use one of the many pre-defined reports . You have full control of data fields, groups, sort order, columns, fonts, colors, paper size, margins and print orientation.
Preview reports on screen before printing. Save reports in virtually any file format: PDF, Excel, HTML, JPEG, Rich Text Format, plain text or Word.
- Archive reports - store report output so that it can be previewed and printed later, without re-accessing the data from which the report was generated. While archiving is very useful for maintaining historical records, it can also be used as a method of report distribution .
- Use the Export to HTML feature to quickly generate documents to be published on the Internet.
- Analyze your collection in a variety of ways with the powerful statistics module.
- Export data to Excel, XML and text files to bring the information into other applications.
- Import data from Excel and text files.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 9.9 MB
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